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West Alabama Animal Clinic instills Save This Life microchips because their innovative technology has revolutionized the pet recovery process.

Each Save This Life microchip number is searchable in a Google search. When someone in the community finds a pet and performs a quick Google search of the microchip number, they are able to privately contact the pet owner with a text message and an email. The pet owner receives a GPS map, powered by Google Maps, of where the peron who found their pet is actually located.

Each Save This Life microchip comes with an aluminum, machine-stamped ID tag with "Search this #(microchip number ex 90016400041142) to find my family."

The microchips themselves are International ready and readable by all universal scanners.

There are no registration fees, no annual fees and no fees to update information or transfer pet owners.

Save This Life also sends out free Lost Pet Alerts to the shelters and rescues within a 25 mile radius of the community of where your pet was last seen and a Lost Pet Alert Poster to the pet owner.

In addition, $1000 or Lost Pet Health Insurance is included with each microchip. Each pet receives coverage for up to $1000 in emergency care for accidents that may occur while he or she is lost for one year after activation.

Let us answer all your questions, and call or text today to schedule your microchipping! 713-528-0818