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West Alabama Animal Clinic

2030 West Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098

    West Alabama Animal Clinic’s FEAR FREE commitment to you and your pet

Our Fear Free certified professionals are dedicated to caring for your pet’s emotional well-being as well as their physical well-being. Our team wants to give your pet the best care possible in an environment that will encourage your pet to be happy and relaxed, not fearful, anxious or stressed.

We’ll use gentle control techniques, innovative tools and medications when necessary to ensure your pet’s emotional health isn’t sacrificed for the sake of medical care.

Unless it’s medically inappropriate, we’ll be giving your pet lots of treats during the visit so they can start associating a trip to the veterinarian with good things, which will keep stress levels low.

The more information you can provide in advance about your pet’s behavior and likes and dislikes, the more successful the visit will be!

Is your pet showing signs of stress or anxiety before arriving at our clinic? Ask us for pre-visit supplements that might take the edge off and keep your pet happy and relaxed.

Would your pet be more comfortable waiting in the car rather than the waiting room? Just let us know and we’re happy to accommodate you.

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What exactly makes West Alabama Animal Clinic FEAR FREE?

  • Many of our employees have gone through hours of training to recognize and treat signs of fear and anxiety in your pet.

  • We have separate dog and cat entrances, waiting rooms and exam rooms.

  • We strive for limited waiting time in our reception area.

  • We have calming, specie-specific pheromone, diffusers throughout the clinic as well as sprays for table mats, towels and clothing.

  • We have soft, non-skid mats for exam tables, floors and scales.

  • We have fans in each exam room to create white noise.


  • So that we can fulfill our commitment to providing your pet with a fear free visit and the best treatment, please fill out this questionnaire for us.

    Call or text today to learn more about how we take the PET out of petrified and put the TREAT in treatment! 713-528-0818